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Dear Listeners,

Our lectures and concerts will introduce you to musical traditions of the past, with trends and techniques of music-making from the present. We will explore composition, performance, listening, and social environments relating to a specific theme in musical history. We will also talk about some of the challenges associated with musicianship. Our lectures are accompanied by live performances and multimedia, the concerts - by stories about music and its composers.

Past lectures include:

  • “Interpretations, misunderstandings, laughter while making music”

  • “Concerto: composition or harmony?”

  • “Behind the scenes of the orchestra’s life”

  • “7 tips for understanding Classical Music”


Past lectures for children:

  • “Schecherazade and tales of 1001 nights in music”

  • “Carnival of the Animals – imitations and smiles of Saint-Saëns”

  • “A fun journey into the world of orchestra”

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